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Winter Pet Care Tips from Companion Animal Hospital

Winter Pet Care Tips from Companion Animal Hospital in Phenix City, AL

Our Veterinarians want to help keep your pets safe and healthy all Winter season!



Keep cats indoors and shorten exercise walks for dogs when the temperature falls.  Safe outdoor temperatures for pets vary by breed and size. Ask our Veterinarians or Care Team for a specific recommendation for your pet.

If your pet must be outside at all, please provide adequate shelter. A dog house should be no more than three times the dog's size. The door should face away from the wind, usually south. And avoid blankets and straw, they can harbor fleas. Use cedar shavings for bedding instead. Provide similar shelter or access to a building for outdoor cats.

Parasite Prevention
Continue using monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventives. Pets should take these preventives year-round. Remember, it is often easier and cheaper to prevent parasites than treat them when a pet's infested or infected. Your pet needs an exam for internal parasites at least twice yearly, and keep your yard clean of feces.


Motor Vehicles and Antifreeze
When the weather cools, cats like to sleep near a warm car engine, curling up on or under the hood. So be sure you know where your cat is and honk the horn before starting your car.

Antifreeze can be lethal. It tastes sweet to pets and contains ethylene glycol, a toxic agent. So always clean up any antifreeze if it spills.

Please contact our office in Phenix City, AL immediately if you suspect your pet has consumed antifreeze (334)297-2316.

If we are closed, please contact our preferred professionals for assistance: Emergency After-Hour Care Information

Diet, Food, and Water

Like people, outdoor pets can burn more calories in the winter. However, most indoor pets don't need their diet adjusted for different seasons. We can help determine whether your pet's diet is adequate and balanced.

To prevent dehydration, be sure your pet's water supply doesn't freeze. Use a non-metal water dish to keep your pet's tongue from sticking. Candy, especially chocolate, can make pets sick. A stomachache is the milder side effect, but chocolate poisoning, caused by theobromine, a compound found naturally in chocolate and related to caffeine, can be fatal.



  • Puppies and kittens like to chew. Remember to keep electrical cords out of reach.
  • When entertaining, be sure guests know these and other household rules that help keep your pet safe.