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Our Care Team


Our diverse care team delivers exceptional client service. They strive to meet the needs of clients and pets in the Phenix City, Fort Mitchell, Smiths Station neighborhoods, as well as the Georgia communities of Columbus and Fort Benning.


Barbara ~ Practice Manager

Practice Manager

With over 30 years in the veterinary field, Barbara still enjoys every facet of her job from paperwork to puppies. Her favorite dog breeds are the German Shepherd, Chihuahua, and Pomeranian. She enjoys reading, Pokemon Go! and loves horseback riding, and white water rafting.

Barbara's Pets:
Sophie and Ranger along w/Sunni, and Peep, her parrots

Heather ~ Client Service Representative

Client Care Representative 

Heather joins us with over 7 years experience as a receptionist in the veterinary field. She enjoys taking her dogs on walks, spending time with them, her husband and family. Heather can always be found in her kitchen trying new recipes off Pintrest. Lets not forget the time spent with her new baby girl. 

Heather's Pets:
Grace, Miller, Browse, Munchkin, Tip and Junior

Brandi ~ Client Service Representative

Client Care Representative 

After working in a veterinary clinic years ago, Brandi was a CMA. When she decided she wanted back into the veterinary world, we are glad that she came to us. Brandi enjoys anything water related: fishing, swimming, being outside, playing with her grandchildren and her cats. 

Brandi's Pets:
Elle and Olive

Client Service Representative

Anna joins our team new to the veterinary world. With a wealth of experience working with people as a hair stylist she is a perfect addition to our team. Anna loves to read, garden and be outdoors with her husband, especially camping. 

Anna's Pets:
Bossman, Wally, Harper Ann, Missy Moo, Chameleon Frankie and Tarantula Mitch

Autumn ~ Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurse

Autumn comes to us with several years experience working at a humane society caring for and helping match pets with their new family. She joins us to further her knowledge in the veterinary field, as she pursues pre-veterinary medicine with the goal of going to veterinary school at Auburn. Autumn enjoys taking her dogs to the park and playing video games ~ with Assassin's Creed and Pokemon-Go being the current favorites. 

Autumn's Pets:
Charlie, Serena, Steak, Sugar, Mazikeen and Min Yoongi the Tibetan Mastiff  

Grace ~ Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurse

Grace came to us after working a number of years at a shelter. She is a great addition to our team. Grace enjoys volleyball, hiking and all things animals! After getting married summer of 2021, she and her husband are looking for that perfect house. 

Grace's Pets: 
Bagheera, Aspen and Gracie     

Veterinary Nurse

Amy has extensive knowledge having worked in rescue / veterinary medicine since 2006. She worked for us 3 years when her husband was first stationed at Fort Benning. Fortunate for us when he retired from the military they chose here for home! Amy has two boys who are active in sports and busy in school. Her daughter is grown and has given Amy her first grand child. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchild. 

 Amy's Pets: 
Chloe, Gunner, KiKi, Riley and Stella 

Veterinary Nurse

Tabi has worked in the veterinary field for a number of years and took a break for the birth of her son. We are glad that she has joined our team and she has fit right in. Tabi enjoys couponing, cooking and spending time with her son and pets.

Tabi's Pets:
Batman, Daisy, Hagrid, Honey Bacon, Quinn and Roman

Veterinary Nurse

Kimberly's husband is in the military and we thank him for his service. They have just transferred here to Fort Benning from a different post in Georgia. Kimberly enjoys reading, traveling and taking care and playing with her pets. 

Kimberly's Pets:
Fluff. Gracie, Luna, Mamis, Peanut, Ralph and Sammie 

Kennel Care Manager

We are so fortunate that Angela has joined our team. She owned and managed her own dog grooming salon 30 years. Her wealth of knowledge in caring for both dogs and cats made her the perfect person to join our team. Angela enjoys spending time with all of your dogs and other pets 

Angela's Pets:
Makayla, MaCauley, MaChiley, Malexi, Riley, Lil Boy, Umbrella Cockatoo Casper, Bearded Dragons Dino and Lima, Blueberry and Blackberry her cats

Veterinary Assistant / Animal Care

Michaela joins our team familiar with experience in animal care. She has already shown what an asset she will be and we are so glad that she has joined us. Michaela enjoys video games, crochet, being outside and spending time with family and her dogs.

Michaela's pets:
Castiel, Lyric, Sebastian and Fãlï

Milo ~ Clinic Mascot


Clinic Mascot / Retired Blood Donor

Milo has mellowed and can mostly be seen napping in various spots around the clinic. He is well loved and very insistent about his daily treats!

Olaf ~ Clinic Blood Donor


Clinic Mascot & Blood Donor

Olaf is a master of getting attention. We have learned that he can be very demanding and wants us to pet him, although we are supposed to know for how long. :)


In Loving Memory of:

Olive, Caramel, Idgie, Starbuck, and Pellet


In Loving Memory of Gus (Former Mascot & Blood Donor)

Gus took his job as a mascot and team member very seriously. He spent a portion of the day overseeing activities in the kennel. Gus had retired and unfortunately passed away after a severe illness.